Multiple award winner and actor, singer with the Knight Cross of the Order of Merit, who started his career as a singer and bass player.

From a very small age, music is a very important part of his life. He started playing guitar at the age of six, and since then has been connected to the instruments forever. At the age of ten he wrote his own songs with his sister, Annamária Sasvári (Zora), and in 2000 they formed a band together.

He originally wanted to be a musician and played in popular Hungarian rock bands such as Titanic, Jokers or the Gallus-trio.

In 1982, he went out of curiosity to an audition to the then-formed Rock Theater, where a new world was opened before, where he can sing the greatest roles of musical at home and abroad.

Sándor Sasvári’s music and vocals are for everyone. Many theatrical performances and concerts are performed by singers happily with him. His oldest daughter, Lena, is already on stage as a duet partner.

His attraction to animals and especially to horses began at a very early age. He realized another great desire when he founded his own farm with his sister, where he lived among his own animals. To this day, he regularly start jumping competitions.

He has received numerous awards and honors for recognizing his great abilities as a singer and actor, including the EmeRTon and Jászai Mari awards and the Knight Cross of the Order of Merit.

The life of Sasvári revolves around the joy of the family, the horses and the theater.

Sasvári Sándor