The children’s dance group operating in Alsósófalva, it has been established for more than 20 years, headed by teacher Noémi Fülöp . They started dancing and singing to make their families and friends happy with their performances at home. Then they became more and more popular, so there were inquiries from more distant regions, which were accepted with great joy.

In May 2017, part of the group traveled to Chester, England, to perform in a children’s day charity program. It was a great experience and lasting memory for the audience and the dancers to have a two-hour program.

The group is made up of mixed ages, from small lower grade students to the older generation, and now boasts more than one hundred dancing members.

They mostly like Transylvanian folk dances, folk games, but they are also interested in the traditions of other regions.

Their goal is to save value and pass it on to the next generations.

Gyermekláncfű Néptánccsoport