Margit Bangó is a world famous Kossuth Prize-winning singer. Her life is adventurous and fantastic!

At the age of 17 she was discovered in a talent show and then in the ’80s she was running her own program on public television.

She has been invited to perform many times in Hungary and also abroad, which she happily accepted, Margit Bangó sang: from Brussels to Vásárosnamény.

Radio recordings were made in a row and she appeared in more and more televison shows.

In the ’90s, as a soloist of the 100-member Gypsy band, she now was a part of the band’s foreign and domestic concerts, large-scale gala performances, where the audience was delighted with her glittering voice and special performances.

Based on the traditional Hungarian and Gypsy traditions and dialects, the songs were brought to the audience in many parts of the world where they could never have been without her. It is not enough to sing well, but to pass on the emotions, sadness or cheerfulness, grief and joy of the several hundred year old songs. And this is true for recordings and live concerts as well, it has became a trademark for her: respect for the audience and humility for music and work!

Her versatility is not only shown in musical diversity, but also in the area of gastronomy, as she has put traditional Hungarian, Gipsy and Transylvanian dishes together with her own recipes in four cookbooks. We can also celebrate her as the main character and winner of various cooking shows and competitions. As a matter of fact, three of her books have finished first in the international Gourmand World Cookbooks Awards!

Bangó Margit